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How Gigalumi Solar Light is beneficial to your environment

There is no greater time than now to be environmentally conscious. With several ways through which homes are trying to be efficient and conservative to save the environment, the best time to get solar light is now. Companies have now begun to harness solar energy and store that form of energy in a rechargeable battery in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. However, some of these companies have found other ways to preserve the environment by changing their windows and even the doors of their buildings. But there is no denying how imperative solar lights are in saving the environment one building at a time.

Thankfully, you have an array of choices as a Gigalumi faithful, with solar pathway lights, deck lights, hanging lights, and even festival lights to decorate your home and building. But today, we will not look into the different types of light we offer, but how Gigalumi can preserve your environment with our services.

solar lights for garden

In this article, we will be looking at six ways through which the Gigalumi range of solar lights is beneficial to your environment. Plus, we will also look at the role we all have to play in restoring our environment through the annual Earth Hour coming up this month..

Low Maintenance

For many people installing and maintaining their lights can be a stressful task especially if the building is quite big. How many lights are you supposed to maintain in a mansion or a company headquarters? It would be too much of an ask, however, you can rest assured that with Gigalumi Solar light, there is no excessive maintenance involved. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and enjoy years of uninterrupted service. There is nothing better than having peace of mind when it comes to installing solar light in your building.


According to the International Energy Agency, Solar is the cheapest electricity in history. Although the initial purchase of the solar lights will cost you some money you can be sure that premature expenses will not come up anytime soon.

Imagine paying about $67 for the Gigalumi Outdoor Solar Classic Design Lights. Some people might say that price is a little bit on the high side but when you think about not having to pay for repairs and maintenance for years, Gigalumi proves to be a cost-effective method of lighting up your home without polluting the environment.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The expansion of carbon footprint in the world today is caused by the excessive use of non-renewable sources of energy. We as humans use a lot of non-renewable energy sources in our homes, offices, and other places of daily activities. However, the Gigalumi solar light is made purely from renewable energy that will help reduce carbon footprint, therefore, preserving the environment.

Reducing the production of Harmful toxins

Anytime you switch on a fluorescent light bulb, Mercury, which is a natural chemical, is released into the air, but as mild as that might sound, this chemical can be harmful to the environment. In a building with many fluorescent light bulbs, each one producing mercury, the environment will become saturated with harmful toxins without you knowing. But with the range of solar lights that Gigalumi offers, there is a reduced number of harmful toxins released to the environment.

Also, the rate of gas emissions will be reduced to its barest minimum with Gigalumi installed in homes, offices, and other buildings.

Less time to produce

There are not many resources needed to produce Gigalumi solar light. Since solar lights do not require many resources, the packaging material will be reduced thereby preserving the environment from any kind of waste. Plus, Gigalumi solar lights can last up to six times more than fluorescent lights, as a result of the lengthy lifespan, the carbon footprint can surely be reduced. 

Better Focus

No matter the event, whether they are festivities or a corporate event, you can be sure that Gigalumi solar lights will conserve energy and provide ample light to a particular direction or pathway. Imagine having to look for the bathroom at a high-class event because of poor lighting. Having Gigalumi for your events, whether it is the string lights, pathway lights, or even the Deck lights, whatever your preference is for your event, be rest assured that the day will be as bright as you envisioned. 

Why do we all need to be involved!

As beneficial as Gigalumi Solar lights are to your homes, not many people understand the essence of renewable energy in actualizing carbon footprint reduction in the world today. This is one of the reasons the Earth Hour movement started in 2007. The Earth Hour is a time when everyone comes together in solidarity to preserve wildlife and the environment.

This year, the one-hour observation will be done on 26th March 2022 from 8:30 - 9:30 pm local time. This initiative is geared towards sensitizing people of the importance of conserving energy and opting for greener solutions for their daily tasks and activities. The United Nations have said that we are only 12 years away from a major climate catastrophe, so the best time to subscribe to a sustainable source of power is now.

The Earth Hour is a reminder that we all need to contribute to saving the environment, and if it means subscribing to solar light utilization for every home then that is a great step in the right direction. Replacing all the toxic lights that we use today will greatly help the environment and save us from any climate catastrophe waiting to happen.


Energy consumption is a major determinant to how beautiful our environment is today. The conscious effort of using renewable sources of energy is positioning ourselves right to preserve the environment and reduce carbon footprint. Therefore, understanding how solar lights can be beneficial to your homes is a great way to contribute to the growth and flourishing of the environment.


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