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Warm memories 

Light, in whatever form it exists, is life. Light is energy, beauty, and strength all at once. Light is hope.
At Gigalumi, we get this. It’s precisely why we’ve spent so much time and energy creating products to remind you that light is beautiful — and cool.
From the new flowers and plants in your homely little garden to the unseen beautiful creatures awake in the evening, Gigalumi helps make the little obscure things a bit more — obvious.
That’s why we don’t just make solar-powered lights; we make them with you and your family in mind.
We decided long ago that there can be no memories without lights. In a world where spending quality time outdoors has lost its relevance and uniqueness, we’ve decided to switch things up.


Our planet is in danger of destruction. The effects of climate change have become far too destructive. Heat waves stayed longer, floods became more intense, wildfires raged with destructive fury, hurricanes swirled stronger and droughts got longer and deeper.
At Gigalumi, we’ve already begun the fight against climate change. Our lighting solutions prioritize renewable, safe, and green energy.
Gigalumi lights provide all the spark without the fire. Our products rely on the first and best light source—the sun—for power.
So, when you have Gigalumi lights, you can rest peacefully knowing that every day means a brand-new source of non-destructive natural energy.
Providing you with the opportunity to choose preservation over destruction is proof that we take our hero business seriously. You’re a hero too and we would love to have you on board as we save the world and share hope.