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Buying guide: 5 of the best solar deck post lights

You want to garden and enjoy your patio/deck during all times of the day, but it’s impossible as it gets dark. You want to invest in some outdoor lighting but lack the money and want to have an electrician professionally install the lighting and manage the maintenance. Solar lights are the option for you, but there are so many types and variations how do you know you are determining the one suitable for your needs? We’ve provided this buying guide to ensure you don’t lose your way amongst all the LED bulbs and post cap designs.

Why choose solar deck lighting?

You understand that solar may be cheaper in the long run, and you want to learn more. If you want a greener alternative to your traditional forms of lighting, you may have found your solution. With a low-cost installation and minimal maintenance, solar deck post lights can light up your evening with the vibrance your home parties have been lacking.

What to consider before purchasing your solar deck post lights?

Mainly you need to understand your needs for your yard and deck. There are various bulbs, colors, energy sources, and more you need to be aware of. We’ll help explain more in these next few steps:

Step 1: Decide how much light you want.

Understand if you want low or high lighting. If you want more of an alluring glow, accent lights are what you need for the solar lights industry. You’ll find models with amber, soft white, or super-bright LEDs. Accent lights provide the least amount of light for the least amount of dollars. Other typical solar lights are longer-lasting and brighter lumens for a different outdoor experience, so know what type of lighting and experience you want for your deck/patio.

Step 2: Where do you want the location of your solar deck light?

Depending on if you want to light for your deck, stairs, or the pathway leading up to your deck, there are different types of solar lights. You need to understand ahead of time where you want the light, and this will narrow down your plethora of options and styles for lighting.

Step 3: Plastic or glass panels?

Plastic is clearly the cheaper option, but sometimes you need to spend a little more upfront for longevity. With glass solar lights, they are more durable and exempt from cracks and cloudy films.

Step 4: Buy lights with advanced circuitry.

We love the eco-friendly benefits and overall efficiency of solar lights, but what happens when it’s cloudy? You want to light every night and can not afford not to have your long-lasting deck lights cease functioning. Tip for the wise, do your research and only find solar lights with advanced circuitry and “next-generation batteries.” This enables your lights to reserve energy 2 ½ times the energy of the regular brands and ensure illumination anytime regardless of the weather circumstances.

5 of the best solar deck post lights.

1. Gigalumi Solar Deck and Wall Lights
Gigalumi led step lights

Price: $18.99-$39.99

Reviews: 4 Stars

Made for durability and stylish appeal these deck lights exude quality while still being made out of waterproof plastic. Customers have loved this solar deck lighting option for the following reasons:

  • Brightness upgrade as these LED lights consist of triple the power of your typical deck patio lights, meaning long-lasing brightness for your garden, deck, yard, and more.
  • An automatic design means it’s powered by the sun and is on a natural clock system according to nightfall.
  • Garden/deck decorations are unique to other solar lighting options.
  • Simple installation
  • Waterproof warranty

A unique feature for your outdoor space is the possibility of lighting each step with an energy-efficient Gigalumi product. Never be left in the dark again with these worry-free lighting and low voltage options. Choose the hassle-free options with these wall deck lights.

2. Gigalumi Solar Landscape and Deck Lights

Price: $23.99-$68.99

Reviews: 4 Stars

Made from the finest plastic and other water-resistant materials, Gigalumi solar lights provide the variety and price range you need for your outdoor deck lighting needs. Whether in cool white, warm white, or multi-colored for those entertaining outdoor parties, Gigalumi provides the versatility and functionality for your perfect deck lighting. Customers’ favorite feature regarding the brand’s products is the landscape feature. With this product, you can hide solar lights within your grass and your deck floorboards seamlessly.

3. Fooyancho solar post cap lights outdoor


Price: $25.99 - $109.99

Reviews: 4.5 Stars

With a three-year quality assurance and protection guarantee, these aluminum lights give you the perfect lighting you need for your outdoor space. With 300 lumens, this brighter option is anti-corrosion and wire-free as it turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn automatically upon its full charge.

4. Sunny Park Solar Post Cap Lights

Price: $21.99 - $39.99

Reviews: 4.5

For solar lights, the combination of the LED lightbulb enhances your energy efficiency tenfold. Fortunately, this is one of those lights with a multi-color design in a crackle glass design with a metallic silver plastic base. Its design and finish are excellent for the following deck variations; wood, vinyl, or composite railing posts.

5. Home Zone Security Decorative Outdoor Post light

Amazon@Home Zone Store

Price: $24.99 - $67.99

Reviews: 4 Stars

Post cap lights provide the convenience of decorating your posts in whatever style you please while adding illumination to your outdoor experience. Customers rate this plastic lighting source as 4.4 stars for installation convenience as well as the following advantages:

  • Solar-powered with 4500k LED lights
  • Unique decoration design
  • Auto on sensor of dusk to dawn
  • You are buying with confidence with a warranty and tested product for outdoor protection and safety.


Your deck lighting can be as effective and enjoyable as you want it to be. You just need to make the right decision on what works best for your needs. In the end, solar lighting is the future of exterior lights, and choosing any variation will leave you happy and satisfied for years to come.

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