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What a Wow!

Amazing lights. Wanted something metal & glass - no plastic as we're in the desert. They cast such a beautiful pattern. Very well made. Like the amber glow rather than white. Just the right size. Excellent packaging. Can't go wrong with purchasing them.

Rachel P.Rachel P.
Beautiful, quaint garden lights.

I am so, so happy with these garden lights! You never know for sure what you will find when you open a package, but let me put your mind at rest...these were perfect. I was pleased to open the package and find them packaged neatly and with support to keep them from being damaged if they got jostled during ahipping. I eagerly unwrapped them to discover that they are bronze rather than the usual black. (Somehow I missed that detail!) The soft, warm glow of the light and the design of the frame remind me of quaint old street lamp post with a candle in it. I love the way the light is cast around and behind it. What a beautiful, unique addition to my flower beds. These lights were very simple to assemble, and feel like a good quality plastic and glass. Just be sure to turn the switch to on after you remove the tab protecting the battery! I wasn't looking for a switch, as this is a new feature for me from other garden lights I've had, but I like it. It means I can turn them off if I have an outdoor movie going, or want it totally dark to star gaze. I would definitely recommend these to others.

Great lights - easy to assemble, work great, last all night

These lights are easy to assemble, install, look very classy and work great. I've gotten a lot of compliments on how nice they look in the landscaping, day and night. The housing is made of metal and glass, great quality. I would definitely recommend and plan to order another set or two.Update 5/21/21:It has been almost a year and these lights still look great and light up bright at night!

Awesome lights!

These are some pretty neat lights. They look real good around the house. I purchased 6 to see if they was ok and if we liked them. Turned right around and purchased another 6. One tip is to drill a small hole right above the plastic tip thru the tube. Then put a pc of wire thru it to keep the plastic spike attached to it, just a tip I've found that works really well. Cause if you decide you don't like the placement of them you don't loose the plastic spike when you pull them out of the ground. I will be purchasing more of them to put around the rest of the house. They put down a very cool pattern when they come on. Very nice

Beautiful light patterns

Love the pattern it cast on the ground. The "bubbles" on the glass creates little focus points on the ground, which makes it even brighter. I found an easy way to install these lights if you have hard ground or fake grass, which I have. First you'll want to create a hole with a long flathead screw driver, about 5 inches deep. Then you'll want to put down the spike (without the light) by stepping on it. Slowly apply pressure via weight, don't stomp. It'll slowly sink securely in place and you can just connect the light on the spike after. That's probably the best way to install these on hard ground.

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

They look and work great it made a big difference to my ranch entrance I'll be buying more

Sydney F.Sydney F.
Quality Upgrade!

These lights are gorgeous! Everything from the packaging to the lights themselves convey quality.Super simple and fast to assemble and install. These are a huge upgrade from the cheapo plastic solar lights previously in place!These lights are bright and I love the patterns on the sidewalk.I'm completely pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend!!

Good quality solar lighting at a good price. Great value and beautiful !!

I love these lights !! They do need a full day of sun to work and last several hours, but they are beautiful when they have been charged by the sun. (see photos). I got mine for a ground deck and gazebo project that I completed this summer. The lights just added so much to the landscaping. I love them. Occasionally one may not be on and I will touch it and it pops on or spin the top off and adjust the battery. I think the battery may get loose, but no problems with any of the lights. I purchased two sets and attached them to the perimeter of my ground deck with Tiki torch clamps, and a few in the ground on the provided stakes. The lights I chose are a beautiful bronze finish and they are good quality glass inserts, not plastic. Very pleased with the quality and my purchase.

M. WeaverM. Weaver
Look Great all Night Long*

We've owned several variations of lawn lights over the years, but being our final home we wanted to go with glass/heavier duty lights and picked these. I bought two sets to cover our walkway. Four stars for look, quality, durability etc. See note about battery below.Good: easy to put together and setup, we love the pattern they throw on the sidewalk, and look great. We didn't experience any dead-in-the-box issues that some reported but did have to pay attention to placement so our flood lights wouldn't turn the sensor offEDIT: I initially wasn't overly impressed with the longevity of the batteries. After charging / using for about a week, I found they would come on at sunset, but by early morning they had faded quite a bit. It was a shame because they look so good. I spoke with customer service and we discussed changing out the provided batteries (I used Energizer rechargeable AAs). Now the lights look amazing and stay bright till sunrise (uploaded pics are after about 11 hours of being on)I was initially concerned they would only last a few hours once they're a few years old due to the battery performance, but with the better batteries installed I feel confident these will look great for a long time - and I can use a regular charger every now and then to give the batteries a better / fuller charge. Much happier now.

Kindle CustomerKindle Customer
Beautiful and unique!

Beuatiful set of lights. Intricate pattern of light displayed on the ground and have recieved multiple compliments. They do require a large amount of sun to keep them powered.I love that they are solid made quality and glass instead of cheap plastic.

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