Solpex Solar Glass Stainless Steel Path Lights – Warm White (Set of 8) — Gigalumi
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paula herbertpaula herbert
Big and beautiful

These solar lights are beautiful. They are a great size. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for solar lights. I would definitely buy again.

Charles J. SebastianCharles J. Sebastian
Love the silver look!

These were a gift from my sweet husband. They were super easy to set up and came with detailed instructions, which I didn't need. I like that there is an off/on switch, although I am not sure if I will need it as they won't get stored (just thought I mentioned them as my others don't have that). I believe the main material to be aluminum. The shafts are not solid but hollow, and I think they'll be about as sturdy as the plastic ones I have. I really like the silver look, it's sleek and they can be easily seen (our neighbor plowed two others down with our trashcan as they are black/brown and he didn't notice them... and others were ruined just being tripped over, hence I needed new ones). The spikes themselves are plastic. It took several days until the batteries were charged enough to fully brighten the lights up. Now I feel they are shedding sufficient lighting comparable to the ones I had before and light up for about 8 hours. Could they be brighter? Yes, I've seen brighter ones. Am I satisfied? Yes, I am. As I didn't buy them for myself, I can't really comment on the value for the price.... I probably would want them to be a bit cheaper. But I really like the aluminum.

Mixed Feelings About These

I bought these to light up a tiny townhouse front garden and walkway. I must say that they aren't very bright. The picture of the lights looks so much brighter than my lights. I did everything the directions said and I just don't see much light from the lights. It has been super cloudy here in Virginia so maybe that's the reason but I'm not impressed; especially when the house 2 houses over has a different brand of lights in their little front garden and the lights are sooo much brighter. I'll keep them of course since I threw away the box but again, I'm not impressed.

Amazon Customer
Beautiful addition to patio

These solar lights add so much enjoyment to our patio, we like to sit outside in the evening and the lights add such a nice touch. The lights seem study we love the saving of them being solar.

Stopped working in less than 3 months

Purchased 3 sets in Aug 2021, by Oct the majority have stopped working. How convenient the return window closed Las month.No wonder they were affordable, they must be old stock and just trying to make a buck.Don't waste your money.

Zach Aldrich
My backyard looks beautiful

Great purchased love it

Great addition to our garden

I love these lights. It took no time to set them up, the instructions are self-explanatory. They give a great look to our driveway and garden.

Amy DeMoss
Great walk way lights

Work great use the to light landscape around pool not functioning as actual lighting

Light up the night

This was a gift and they are enjoying the look of these lights

Barron G Barkley
Beautiful lights

Beautiful lights

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