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Erin M.Erin M.
I love the 4 sided light!

I'm using these lights as fence toppers around the parameter of my garden. A couple are being used as path lights and not on top of the post. My photos really don't demonstrate how great these lights work for my need. I love how these 4-sided lights are visible from every area while walking around my yard as my garden is in an area that has no outside lighting. I have a couple more boxes to get and then all fence posts will be lit - Very happy with this product!

David ClarkDavid Clark
Lights look great lakeside and are unobtrusive

Lights will hold a charge from dark to dawn and look great

Craig B DuttonCraig B Dutton
Easy install

These were easy to install and look great around my pool. Bought addition ones to install on the steps. Plus to have replacement ones as they die or get waterlogged and stop working.

Zach BurksZach Burks
more useful than what they were designed to do

So I put these lights to use in probably an unconventional way or something that most people wouldn't do but it still is very creative and ended up turning out to look very neat and have a cool look at night I put them on the side of my pool cage screen beams I was originally going to drill into the aluminum but instead of that I just used some gorilla tape with some super durable adhesive for all weather conditions and this is what it came out to look like they stay illuminated probably about of an upwards of 6 to 8 hours through most of the night depending if it was a full sunny day and how I've mounted them to their side where they're not receiving 100% direct full sunlight like they once were to be fair. When they were on the ground facing straight up they lasted all night long to upwards of about 12 hours

Derek TysonDerek Tyson
Great for Christmas decoration lighting

These were a perfect addition for Christmas decorations. Very impressed with how bright the lights are. My only complaint is that I wish they had an option to have a white light. This way I can use these all year around. Overall, seems like a great product so far.

I love them

These can be set on solid green. Solid blue. Solid red. Or "breathing" rainbow (dims on and off). The rainbow can't be set to solid :( Can also be set to fade from one color to the next. You change the modes by tapping them with your foot. I like them.EDIT: i have been using these for more then 4 months. There has been heavy rain and heavy snow. They all still work. Of course in the winter months the illumination doesn't last as long because there is less sunlight to charge them. I adhered them to my sidewalk with double sided outdoor tape and shockingly none of them have budged even through freezing temps. I love all of the color combos. Right now I have red white and blue. Halloween I used green...Valentine's day I'll do red. Very fun !Not "crush resistant" as far as a car running them over. We accidentally ran one over with my Kia Soul and it destroyed it. Best not to be used to line a driveway or close to the driveway. Still love them though!

Could Have Been A Great Product

I purchased these to use in two flowerbeds along our home's exterior and was pretty happy with the light intensity and the looks of these out of the package. I wanted lights that directed outward instead of upwards and these do so perfectlyOne night I noticed that one of them wasn't putting off any light and figured it was because it was in a more shaded part of the flowerbed. I wasn't sure if the batteries can be replaced (they cannot) and removed the screws and pried the bottom apart and found that there was water inside which caused the circuit board to short out.I thought that this might have been a fluke and tossed it in the trash and chalked it up to a manufacturing flaw, but then a second light did the exact same thing and I took photos of what I found inside. There's an gasket between the top and base and they're marketed for outdoor use, so I'm not sure why two out of the set failed like this?I was pleased with the function of these lights, but I'm not confident that I'd buy more unless there's something done to keep them from leaking like this.

Mercy AycartMercy Aycart
Great quality, bright light!!!

Excellent product lights are sturdy easy to install and light up perfectly. Great addition to our backyard. Highly recommend this product. They also have GREAT customer service!!!

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
They are good

Set up was easy ,product is heavy duty ,only thing I cannot get them all to stay a solid color a couple did stay ...wanted RED, WHITE, BLUE ....USA! instead I have red white and green?? will continue to try to get it right .

Nice deck lights with multiple light settings.

We really liked the way these turned out on our deck, we colored our deck and was looking for something which can add a little bit of lighting, while these doesn't provide so much lighting in the deck,but added very nice look to it, and the way the light is thrown which can be controlled through multiple ways by tapping on them. overall happy and satisfied.

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