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Looks great in light and dark

I have the bats up and they are beautiful! I can't wait to fund a place for the other ones

Leil YLeil Y
Halloween wonderland quality lights

Really really nice quality lights. My favorite decoration this year!! They are a little heavy, so we had to use tape to secure them. We taped the battery packs on the wall at a reachable height to turn them on and off. Makes our home feel like a Halloween wonderland.

~ Adorable Solid or Blinking Lights, Fun Colors, Take three AA Batteries, Festive!! ~

These lights are adorable! They are bright and cute and fun. Each strand takes three AA batteries, which I buy in bulk, so I most always have them available. The shapes are so cute and they light up very beautifully. You can set them to be off, be on solid, or blink. The grand kids and I love these. They make Halloween fun! Can't wait for next month to put them up!!

Bright colors of the lights!

Well packaged. Each strand has a battery box using 3 AA batteries. The battery box seems weather resistant and has a simple 'on-off function and works well.

Kindle CustomerKindle Customer
Not too heavy plastic

Love these lights! Super simple to put batteries in and hang. Thw plastic little guys are not too heavy, and in the dark you can tell what thw ligjts are perfectly.

Great lights

These lights are so cute. At first I thought they were a little pricey for Halloween lights, but now I think they were worth it. They're hard plastic, battery operated, and bright. My 4yr old Loves them and it's easy for him to turn them on/off and the setting he wants them, blinking or not.v

Bright and cute.

They are so cute. The picture makes it look like you can clearly see the pumpkins ghosts and bats... but they don't really look that clear (I expected this kind of) it's a light behind the plastic object. I still love them though!

Crystal StankeCrystal Stanke
Nice battery operated light strings

They arrived on time and were packaged nicely. Very pretty lit up! Each string takes 3 AA batteries. Easy push button operation. Push button to turn them on, again to make them blink, and again to turn them off. The only thing I did not like was that some of the bats fell off on my bat string. I tested the other strings and it seems like it was just that one. I just put a few drops of super glue on it and put them back together.

Ellie M.Ellie M.
Cute lights! BOO!

I purchased this three strands of Halloween lights to help dress up my house and desk at work. They are battery operated, which is great for work. They take two AA batteries. There is a switch where you can turn the lights off, on (blink mode) and on steady. I prefer the steady, but they blink nicely too. I tried all three strands at home to see which one I liked best at my mantle and to help determine which would look best for work. It's hard to say as they're all very cute, but my son seems to want the bats I know which ones aren't coming to work! The one and only problem I had with these lights is I had problems opening the battery covers and as a result, one of the three cracked. It's not an all the way through crack, but we heard it crack and then saw the line (picture enclosed). As it's not all the way through and does not interfere with the lights operation, I didn't reduce my stars, but just wanted to add it here for others to know. I think I will be checking out what other lights they have as well!

Very bright!

Really cute lights! They're very bright and perfect for adding to your Halloween decor!

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