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Bright and beautiful

These solar lights put off good light. They are very pretty, especially when they light up at night. We lined a walkway to our firepit with them and are very pleased with the look. Seller was terrific. Shipment arrived the day after I ordered them. I would recommend these lights.

Unique Light Pattern

I purchased this 6 pack GIGALUMI Landscape light set about a week ago. I chose this due to the unique light pattern that is reflected onto the ground. The lights surely got a few of my neighbor's attention. They do indeed look very nice and add a touch of elegance in and around my front yard. I was going to give this set as a gift to my daughter, but my wife liked it so much, we're decided to keep it for our front yard. I also noticed that you can use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries in case the ones installed ever go bad. I've attached a photo so you can see it for yourself.

T Gil
Gorgeous right out of the box!!!

I ordered 2 sets of these lights for our Santa Fe style AZ home. They were quality right out of the box. The first night after we installed them, we could not believe the beautiful prism light patterns they projected on the landscaping. We loved them so much, we ordered a third set to finish off our backyard. I highly recommend these. The price is right, great warm light glow, glass lantern and metal construction. Everyone who has come to our house makes a comment on how lovely our solar yard lights are.

Beautiful path lights

Just had these beautiful lights delivered. Installed and loving it. Reviews say they work in shaded areas too. I'll wait to see

I really like the pattern that the "crystal" like glass projects

I installed 30 of these around my driveway and walks - they all look great. Very competitive pricing with brick and mortar offerings - super convenient having them delivered free with Prime. Installation was a breeze. Impressed

Josh R.
These lights are my Jam

It's dark so the pic is hard to see but these lights are awesome they are lighting up the bases of our trees in a super artistic and cool way. Bought one pack of six, this is my second pack and I'm probably going to buy a third pack. We are in a forest, there is not much direct light but when it gets dark these shine for multiple hours before they dim out. Inexpensive, easy to put together and drop in the ground. Winner.

Tamera lienhart
I would buy again

These lights were so easy to assemble, give off a unique pattern and good amount of light for my garden and pathway.

Very well made and not plastic

These are well made and not plastic. The light is bright and casts a nice amount of direct ground light in a star pattern. I have them along my driveway and in several other garden beds. They light the ground beautifully and don't interfere with my motion activated lights. It won't light the ground as much as a spotlight but it does light the pathway. They are made from metal and are made well. Prep and installation are super easy and they stayed bright right out of the box for at least 6 hours. Nice people to deal with if you have any questions or problems.

P & R Belnap
Easy to use

Very easy to install. No wiring necessary. Good value give the price.

Susan Hice
Bought a second set

We limed these so much we bought a second set. They don't last all night but love the design they project

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