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Nice lights! Changing colors

I really like the size of the lights and I was surprised of the changing colors. I placed the lights in front of the house and it added beauty to our front lawn. I just wish that there are six in a pack. The height is just about the right to the area where I put it. It's very easy to assemble and very easy to charge.

Anthony W.
Add some color to your garden!

These lights are just as advertised and add a really nice & colorful touch to my garden. It's nice to have something other than white light in the garden and something more interesting to look at. I plan to buy some more in order to extend the theme a bit throughout the yard.

Paula Sayre
Beautiful in the garden!

These solar lights are so peaceful and beautiful in my garden. They charged right up the day I placed them and they will last until dawn when they get enough sunlight. I am ordering another set to place in my front yard around my flag pole....they are very calming to watch as they change colors. Be sure that you get them into the ground far enough so that they do not tumble over, as the globes are glass and solid. I hope to have these lights around to enjoy for a very long time!

Marian E. Wright
They're beautiful!

I love these lights! It is such fun to watch them change colors; the neighbors enjoy them, too. They are the first lights to come on in the evening. They don't get a full day of sun, but they respond very well to what they do receive . They give me great pleasure, adding a beautiful accent to my landscaping. They were very easy to assemble, directions were very clear.

makes my garden like a fairyland

These are awesome. The lights change into 6 different colors. It will make any garden like a fairyland. Just make sure the spike is fully staked into the ground so any strong wind will not topple it down because the globe is made of a lovely crackle glass. You will enjoy these lights.

M. Castle
Super FUN (and cool!) lights

These lights were a pleasant surprise! They are taller than your typical pathway light and the solar mechanism is mounted on the stem. The colors are brilliant and brighter than another version of color path lights that I purchased earlier this year. After a day in the sun, they lit up beautifully after dusk and stayed on throughout the night - even had a bright glow at 5am the next morning! They were easy to assemble and because the stem is thinner, it was easier to push into the ground than the wider path stems. Might have to get more of these!!

Molly S
Beautiful addition to any yard

Three pack of color changing globes would look beautiful no matter where you put them in your yard or garden. They glow very brightly and really show up from quite a distance away. Super easy to assemble and they came already charged! Even though they are colored they put out enough light that you could light a pathway with them if you wanted to.

Christine Urbaszewski
bright and beautiful

I put these lights in my Garden between my tall flowers with another set of Solpex similar lights which are shorter in area near by between shorter flowers. some of the lights are in front of my house and great you when you approach the front walkway. Looks great. Love the changing colors.Quit bright and can be seen from a distance away. They have been in for several weeks in windy and heavy rain and are doing just fine - they are weather proof thus far. They are easy to assemble and batteries can be replaced when needed. I enjoy watching the changing colors, find it very relaxing.

Jennifer winn
Customer service above and beyond!!!

I had problems with some of the lights and was disappointed, but I actually had forgotten all about them, when out of the blue a customer rep from Solplex emailed about me about the faulty lights and offered to replace them or refund my purchase!!! I thought wow!! Now this kind of Cust. Serv. is not the norm anymore and I will say it was so nice to have have a company actually care about my business. They were helpful and friendly and they responded back to every one of my emails. I highly recommend these lights not only cause they are beautiful but mostly because if you do have any issues they will absolutely make things right and in the end make you a happy customer!!! Thank you solplex!!

Globe size shrinking

I adore the look of these at night in the yard! I have had this type of solar light for over a decade. As others indicate, I have kept parts, including the globes and steel point-cut stakes. I'm very glad I have! Originally, glass spheres I purchased were crackled with color and 4". (I currently have 3 different sizes!) There is, for me, a noticeable difference in illumination and the eye-catching visual in the yard between 4" and 3" spheres. Assembly is a breeze, the issue is placement in the ground. The quality of stake has gone from steel to aluminum with plastic tip, not nearly as durable. Also, if you move the stake the plastic tip often stays in the ground. It can help to use a long steel stake to drive into the ground first, then use a rod inside along with the hollow portion of the stake (skipping the plastic tip) for extra support. Because I enjoy the light show I will continue to purchase these lights. A NOTE to SOLPEX: I'd pay more to have, at least, the larger globe size. The steel point-cut stakes would be a bonus for easier placement in the ground and support. Hint, hint! : )

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