Gigalumi Christmas Window Star Lights Warm White (Set of 3)
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Foothill WomanFoothill Woman
Very well made

These are really nice mid size stars. Very well made. 3 separate stars, each with their own remote & battery package/box. Each has an option of 8 different flash modes. These are only white lights. Wish they offered multi colored as I'd buy them! For 3, it comes to about $13 a star which is a good price. ($39 for the set) From reading other comments on similar sized Xmas window decor, these are MUCH better made. This is not flimsy coat hanger wire-you cannot bend it. Mine did not come with suction cups, don't recall if it said they should have suction cups....but I had some. It's really nice to be able to place them where I want bc they're not hooked together. We are very happy with his purchase.

Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams
Great Value!

There is nothing to dislike with this product. These lights are amazing. Easy to hang, you can set different modes AND it has a remote!Perfect for the holidays, in the summer I am planning on hanging from my Maple tree.

GIGALUMI Christmas Window Star

I am not big product reviewer but I wanted to take the time to write about this product. I can not express how pleased I am with this purchase. The kit contains 3 led stars and controllers. (batteries separate) Just install batteries, hang at desired location and you are good to go. The pictures do not show how awesome these stars are. With 8 different lighting modes you have plenty of options to control the lights and change things up. I initially had plans for one kit but will order more for the other windows in my house. Truly love this purchase.

Beautiful star lights put together in a simple cute design

Perfect for the holidays, such pretty lights, has 8 options for 3 individual stars lights which are perfectly put together and can be set to sync differently or the same! Highly recommend!

Very Cool!

Love these 3 lighted stars! There are 8 different functions with 3 remotes which control 1 or more stars. The decorations are lightweight, easy to hang and my window ledge will easily hide the battery cases. I'm anxious to hang them but waiting until Thanksgiving. So happy I bought these-they are fun and festive!

Love them

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It's awful to sell customers products that don't work!!!

I didn't like and appreciate that these stars didn't. I wanted to used them in a window during the Christmas season. I thought it ware bad batteries but changed them and still wouldn't stay lit. You could get them to work sometimes when jigger their cords.

Two out of three.

I only gave two stars as only two of the three stars work.

Works amazing!

Just put them up and they are super cute and very bright! Can't wait for Christmas!

Amazon Customer
Love it!!

Great quality for the price! I am tempted to buy another set. Comes with three individual remotes but you could use one remote for all the stars.

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