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As advertised - Great gift

I have a dollar store gnome that looks like it's passively thinking. When I bought this to put in our yard the two together make it look like the dollar store gnome is contemplating how the others are being eaten. We've come up with several stories surrounding this gnome and the dinosaur. The paint is sloppy where it's been put on the teeth and gnomes but hey, that's what happens when you're being eaten. Overall this has made everyone laugh and definitely would buy again as a housewarming gift.

Super Cute

This was perfect for my daughter's fairy knome garden. She loves dinosaurs. It is made of the same material as other outdoor items like this and the size is appropriate for what it is used for. I wish for the price it had been bigger but then it wouldn't look right in the little garden.

Buy this to add to your gnome collection!

Arrived quickly, not insanely heavy. Great coloring or the Dino and gnomes. Perfect piece. Exceeded my expectations.

Too cute!!!

Looks so cute with my other gnomes. Really recommend. Fast shipping and packaged well. I am super happy with my purchase.

J. BucknerJ. Buckner

This was better then what was described in reviews

Great House Warming Gift!

I bought this gift for my friend who has three young boys (8, 5, and 3) for their new house. The boys LOVE dinosaurs and love this gift! It is true to size 15" and very bright colors on the gnomes! It looks great in their garden!

S. CarnahanS. Carnahan
A Great Addition To My Yard

If you are looking to bring life and fun to your yard, you should consider ordering this gnome. This t-rex gnome makes a great addition to anyone's front or backyard. I like how it looks with my other gnome haha. It is well constructed and the detail/colors are just amazing. The gnome is a good size and will definitely leave a memorable impression on anyone who sees it. I put it in my backyard because I am worried someone might steal it since it is very unique and special. This gnome could also be a fun gift to give to someone because of its uniqueness. I have never seen a gnome like this in my life. It would definitely bring a smile to anyone's face. This is one of the best additions to my yard and I'm sure you will think the same if you get one yourself.

Very visually interesting with very detailed coloring.

Got mine shipped in 1 day. It is about 14 or 15 inches tall and weighs a couple of pounds. I added a picture with a tape measure showing the height. It feels sturdy. The colors are crisp and thw detail is awsome right down to the little red mouths on the trolls. The shading on the trex is artistic. You can tell that this is not a basic peice. Lots of different colors and a ton of visual interest around the entire peice. Every time I look at it I see another detail that I didnt see before. Love it!

Durable, funny, best gnome

This is the best thing ever and my first gnome! My kid loves dinosaurs and we had just watched gnomeo and Juliet. We have had this outside for about a month now and keep it by our front door for everyone to see. Still together and paint not faded, again my favorite thing!! Next time I purchase this exact one will be for an Xmas gift

K. A. NewtonK. A. Newton
Unique gnome statue

Well made, whimsical statue that is a perfect addition to the gnome garden! Can't wait for my 5 year old grandson to see it! It was 14'tall, heavy resin, exactly as advertised.

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