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General Product Related

We have three different power source products-solar powered, battery powered and plug-in. You can check the info from the specifications of the products or contact us at the website to learn more.

The battery is a rechargeable battery. During the daytime, the solar panel generates power to the battery. The battery provides power to lights to keep them on during the night.

Yes, the battery can be replaced, just make sure the replaced battery is a rechargeable battery. Just follow the steps on instruction and you can easily change the battery by yourself.

For best performance, replace with a rechargeable battery every 3 years or when performance diminishes.

No, these bulbs are integrated LED, they can’t be replaced.

Our products are made in China with top quality materials. 

Yes, it’s pretty simple. You can check the product page, there’s an instruction picture within it!

Each light is solar powered ( a few string lights is battery powered), so no extra wiring or electrical work is required. Just put them under the sun anywhere you want. Let them be exposed to the sun for a full day (make sure you already take the tab at the back of lid and turn on the switch).

The solar light has a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. During the day, the converted electricity is stored in the rechargeable batteries. At night, the solar light is powered by the batteries using the electricity stored during the day. The operating time depends on geographical location, daily weather conditions, and season. For optimal performance during the evening, allow the batteries to charge for 6 to 7 hours in direct sunlight.

After taking the safety tab out / switching the button at the back of lid to ON, expose the lights under the sun all day, the lights will be automatically on after it’s dark.

Clean the solar panel with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals or abrasives.

Yes, solar lights will work just fine, despite a few cloudy days. Each solar light has a solar cell that collects energy from the sun. This, in turn, is transferred to a small battery in the device. As the solar cell collects the solar energy, it slowly charges the battery. On a sunny day, 6-8 hours of sunlight can fully charge the solar light's battery, allowing it to run for 8-10 hours.

Don’t worry, GIGALUMI solar outdoor lights are ALL WATERPROOF.

Yes, they can still be used in winter and snow weather. Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to allow the battery to recharge. If lights have been covered by snow for a long time, allow the battery to recharge in full, direct sunlight for at least 10-12 hours so it can maintain maximum capacity.

It takes 6-8 hours for GIGALUMI solar lights to be fully charged on a sunny day. And fully charged solar lights can give you 8-10 hours of light at night. The actual lighting time mainly depends on the weather of the day.

Please try to avoid any physical damage to the surface of the solar panels. Keep solar panels clean by using a soft rag or biodegradable soap. You are welcome to follow GIGALUMI on social media to get the latest solar lights maintenance information.

If you want to make the solar lights be on automatically during the night,  then you need to keep it on every day.

Yes, there is a switch on the back of lid, you can switch it to OFF.

Please make sure GIGALUMI Solar lights are out of shade in the daytime and are away from other light sources at night.

You can find this information in the “specifications” part on each product’s detail page.

The installation of Gigalumi lights are pretty simple!

For Gigalumi Pathway lights:

For Gigalumi Deck Lights:

For Gigalumi Hanging Lights:

Pathway Lights Related

The installation of Gigalumi lights are pretty simple!

For Gigalumi Pathway lights:

Yes, if the ground is hard. Normally you can use water to soften or a trower to loosen the soil, then it’s easier to assemble the pathway lights. And DO NOT USE A HAMMER!

Service Related

At this time, we do not ship on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. Please note that most items ship within 2-5 business day of successful payment processing. It normally takes 3-7 days for shipping.

*Free Shipping only Apply in Contiguous United States. 

We accept PayPal and variety of credit cards, such as Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, Mastercard, Discover.

We can change the delivery address as long as your order has not been shipped. To request a change, please contact us at, and we will get back to you within 48 hours on weekdays.

We do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. If you just place an order and need to cancel it, you can click the "cancel" button. If you need to adjust or cancel your order after delivery, please contact us at We will get back to you within 48 hours on weekdays.

We hope you can have a delightful shopping experience, but unfortunately, we do not accept returns for products which are not broken or delivered incorrectly. After receiving your product, you have 30 days to return or exchange it. Please note that we currently do not offer gift exchanges. For more information, you can visit Returns & Exchanges.

Only 1 promo code and 1 coupon can be applied to each order. Coupon and promo code can be applied to the same order. Coupon will be applied automatically.

Just as fast as we can get it to you! Any credits on your account with us will be refunded promptly as soon as we have received and processed the return. Once we receive your return, we will process a refund within 14 business days to the original form of payment. Your bank may require additional time to post this transaction to your account. We’ll use the same method to refund the amount as you used when you placed the order. For example, if the order was paid by credit card, the money will be refunded to your credit card account.

6 months.

We are very sorry that your purchase has developed a fault. Please contact GIGALUMI at for further help,and we will get back to you within 48 hours on weekdays.

Yes! It's totally free to be a member of, just do a simple sign up!

No, you don't have to be a member to shop at But it's quite easy to join us with only a few clicks needed. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of GIGALUMI membership!

Please contact customer support at 

Solar Deck Lights Related

The installation of Gigalumi lights are pretty simple!

For Gigalumi deck lights:

No, you don’t need. But just be careful to not let the blades cut the lights directly.

Of course they can. With each package of GIGALUMI deck lights, we put 3M stickers in it, you are free to use the sticker to attach the GIGALUMI deck lights to your beautiful wooden fence.

No, GIGALUMI solar lights don’t have motion sensors in them. They will be automatically on and off at dusk and dawn.

Solar Hanging Lights Related

The installation of Gigalumi lights are pretty simple!

For Gigalumi hanging lights:

You are free to hang them anywhere you want, just make sure they are exposed to the sun all day long.

Of course! Just do the creative decoration as you imagined, don’t forget to put them under the sun during the daytime.

Sure, GIGALUMI solar hanging lights can be used in multiple ways: mood lights, nightlights, aesthetic lights… just make sure you put them back under the sun during the daytime to let them get fully charged.

Solar String Lights Related

It is the part we design for more flexible decoration. You are free to put the solar panel at the place where can get straight sunlight even it might be a little bit far from the string lights you decorated.

There’s a button on the back, you can try to press it consistently until the light is in the mode you want.

For solar string lights, it will be automatically on when it’s dark (night time) and automatically off when it’s bright (daytime).

No, they can't, although GIGALUMI solar lights are all waterproof, they can't be used underwater.

No, they can't. Once you cut the wires of the string lights, the lights will not be working anymore.

No, each solar string light is independent, they can't be connected.

No, the solar panel has to be connected to the light string.